If You're Angry and You Know it..?

I got mad at my youngest son,  Arman the other day because he was throwing a tantrum that I simply couldn't handle it. Every parent would be familiar with the stressful situation when your kids want to play and scatter everything on the floor while being too sleepy at the same time. They will be super moody and grumpy like a whiny little brat who wants something yet hates everything. I scolded him by pinching him on his back. He cried for a while and then went to sleep not long after I put him in his cot. What I didn't notice is that, my action was being observed by my second son, Zarif who seemed like he was busy with his lego project at the moment. Seeing me sitting down and leaving a sigh, he then finally talked to me:"Mama, kalau mama rasa marah lagi, mama tarik nafas dalam-dalam, lepas tu hembus. Lepas tu buat lagi. Mesti rasa marah mama tu hilang lepas tu." (translated: "Mama, if you ever feel angry again, just take a deep breath and exhale. Then, you do i…

Simple Chocolate Cake (the Viral Kek Milo)

Yayy!! I finally managed to try out the famous "kek milo" (chocolate cake) that everyone has been talking about. Yes, the cake was so simple, took me less than 15 minutes to prepare it. No flour needed and you can just use the ingredients that are already available in the kitchen.I love preparing something simple like this for the kids because my boys are fussy eaters and they love to try out anything chocolatey. This is also so practical if they want to bring something different to school.Here, take a look at pics below. Not bad, huh for a starter?  *wink2*
I got the recipe from Facebook (PenMerah [dot]com). The original recipe uses 3-in-1 milo packets and eggs only, but I didn't have it.  So, I made some changes here and there. Sharing this with you, guys:
Milo (chocolate) powder : 25 milkspoons Milk powder: 20 milkspoons Icing sugar: 15 milkspoons Eggs: 6 
Stir them all and bake the mixture in the oven (150°C,  15-20 minutes,  depends on your oven condition). Decorate the c…

Raising Superheroes (Supermom Tips)

There's a famous African proverb that goes like, "It takes an entire village to raise a child"; meaning to say that, every individual in the circle of community has to play a significant role in order to ensure a good upbringing of the young generation.

Then, what does it take to raise children? The answer is, I would say, a supermom, or dad (or both, perhaps?).

Who is a Supermom?
1) A Supermom is Not Superhuman She is not defined by any supernatural ability. She doesn't necessarily have to conquer any villain that troubles the family, but she will definitely protect them by all means. She may not be able to fly to her kids in a blink of an eye, but she's the first reachable person who will always stand by their side. Kryptonite doesn't make her weak, but sadness and loneliness surely do.
2) A Supermom is Not Perfect She may not be perfect,  but her imperfection is what makes her strong. She hides her pain and sorrow so that she can be the backbone of the family. …

Hello, I'm Back!

Oh my, how I miss blogging!

Is it a decade already since the last time I updated my blog?

Also, did I mention that I am now officially an unemployed full-time housewife (like 2 years ago)?

And, have you seen me in my new supermama look, now that I have four sons on board?

Well, I got tons to write about (I may have to steal some of my sleeping minutes).

Stay tune.

#idonthavenicesmile #notthatoldyet

Coping with Stress

Wow, I guess 2011 will be the year that is going to be the most hectic time frame I ever had so far. Even working for more than 12 hours a day doesn't seem to be enough for me. Not to mention the extra homework I have to bring to home every week. The abundant of works sometimes even dare to 'enter' my precious hours of night dreams. Though, my biggest nightmare was to see the work that kept multiplying like some sort of viruses you see in alien movies! It made me thinking: "Can people die if they work too hard?"
Yes, I was (and still) stressful! Being moody is simply a symptom, clearly it's not the solution! So, I came up with few 'formulas' on how to deal with the stress. Somehow I think they worked for me(at least for that moment! :D). So, I would like to share some with you...who knows it might be helpful for you too? ;)


1) Watch you favorite movies/ TV shows
- this is my most favorite one. Even I just got back from work,…

'D' to 'E'

Why do we take more than a single step to go from D to E? Here are 10 reasons why:

1) It certainly takes much more efforts to go from Difficult to Easy.
2) There is a huge difference between a person who just being Dare and another person who really makes an Effort to do something.
3) A Defect is certainly an Effect, but an Effect is not necessarily a Defect.
4) Something that Diverges will take some time to Engage.
5)When you feel Discourage, you will need a helping hand to be Encouraged.
6) You might Discover something in the beginning, but later there are more things for you to Encounter.
7) A Drifter is miles away from being Efficient.
8) There is a long way to go from Designing to Executing.
9) To Document something is just the beginning. The next long step is to Explore it.
10) And you'll definitely need millions of Dots to form an Elaboration.

Alphabetically, it only takes one step to jump from D to E. However, if you look differently, you'll see that there are millions more steps…


"Don't 'you' know I hate business?"

I'm currently trying to overcome a huge obstacle in my career, where I have to involve in a totally new field which I never had experience before, either literally or practically. It's quite frustrating sometimes, especially when you get criticized for a work that you've tried your best to complete it, even though you are totally clueless and unguided. Nonetheless, after shedding so much tears (just so you know, oversensitivity is one of my weaknesses), I hold the emotions firm inside, and tried to navigate my route to positive thinking. Maybe, this is a new challenge for me to improve myself. I'm too comfort now, have received some credits on the great works that I've done and maybe it's time for me to 'compete' a bit. Besides, nobody's perfect, right? ;)
Thus, I redefine challenge as:

C - Call
H - Hope
A - Attempt
L - Laudable
L - Lead-up
E - Exposure
N - Need
G - Grasp
E - Effort

If I really can over…