Hello, I'm Back!

Oh my, how I miss blogging!

Is it a decade already since the last time I updated my blog?

Also, did I mention that I am now officially an unemployed full-time housewife (like 2 years ago)?

And, have you seen me in my new supermama look, now that I have four sons on board?

Well, I got tons to write about (I may have to steal some of my sleeping minutes).

Stay tune.

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Coping with Stress

Wow, I guess 2011 will be the year that is going to be the most hectic time frame I ever had so far. Even working for more than 12 hours a day doesn't seem to be enough for me. Not to mention the extra homework I have to bring to home every week. The abundant of works sometimes even dare to 'enter' my precious hours of night dreams. Though, my biggest nightmare was to see the work that kept multiplying like some sort of viruses you see in alien movies! It made me thinking: "Can people die if they work too hard?"
Yes, I was (and still) stressful! Being moody is simply a symptom, clearly it's not the solution! So, I came up with few 'formulas' on how to deal with the stress. Somehow I think they worked for me(at least for that moment! :D). So, I would like to share some with you...who knows it might be helpful for you too? ;)


1) Watch you favorite movies/ TV shows
- this is my most favorite one. Even I just got back from work,…

'D' to 'E'

Why do we take more than a single step to go from D to E? Here are 10 reasons why:

1) It certainly takes much more efforts to go from Difficult to Easy.
2) There is a huge difference between a person who just being Dare and another person who really makes an Effort to do something.
3) A Defect is certainly an Effect, but an Effect is not necessarily a Defect.
4) Something that Diverges will take some time to Engage.
5)When you feel Discourage, you will need a helping hand to be Encouraged.
6) You might Discover something in the beginning, but later there are more things for you to Encounter.
7) A Drifter is miles away from being Efficient.
8) There is a long way to go from Designing to Executing.
9) To Document something is just the beginning. The next long step is to Explore it.
10) And you'll definitely need millions of Dots to form an Elaboration.

Alphabetically, it only takes one step to jump from D to E. However, if you look differently, you'll see that there are millions more steps…


"Don't 'you' know I hate business?"

I'm currently trying to overcome a huge obstacle in my career, where I have to involve in a totally new field which I never had experience before, either literally or practically. It's quite frustrating sometimes, especially when you get criticized for a work that you've tried your best to complete it, even though you are totally clueless and unguided. Nonetheless, after shedding so much tears (just so you know, oversensitivity is one of my weaknesses), I hold the emotions firm inside, and tried to navigate my route to positive thinking. Maybe, this is a new challenge for me to improve myself. I'm too comfort now, have received some credits on the great works that I've done and maybe it's time for me to 'compete' a bit. Besides, nobody's perfect, right? ;)
Thus, I redefine challenge as:

C - Call
H - Hope
A - Attempt
L - Laudable
L - Lead-up
E - Exposure
N - Need
G - Grasp
E - Effort

If I really can over…

The 10 Alien Sides of Me

From the Virgo characteristics and profile analysis, it says that the Virgo's strength is the ability to focus his/her attention, whilst the potential weakness is need for perfection gets in the way of enjoyment. I laughed as soon as I read it as it really hits me right in the face! hahaha.... just for fun, though. ;)
Want to know some other sides of me? Check this out:

1) I can't even read an sms, let alone watching tv, in a moving car. Surely will throw up a minute later.

2) I always read magazines from the last page to the beginning.

3) Regarding point#2, it doesn't apply to novels or storybooks. Really HATE it if people bleak the ending while I'm half way through the story. It applies to movies too. (Don't ever tell me who's the real killer when the movie barely gets started)

4) I can never say no to the three C's: Chocolate, Coke, and Cheesecake.

5) Bathing is my most precious myself-time. Even if I'm in the bathroom for 30 minutes, don't ever go kn…

Should women cook?

I grew up in an environment where a woman should be able to cook meals for the family. So if you are a 20 years old female in the house, and you don't even know how to make fried rice, that will be a talkabout-of-the-year. Lucky me, being the eldest in the family, cooking seems to be a routine of my life. I remembered my very first prepared main course was when I was 13 years old. Mom felt sick that day and she couldn't prepare the dinner for the family. So I made some dishes of fried prawn, sambal belacan, and vegetable soup. It was a simple meal and everyone's enjoying it, but nothing tasted better than a glass of compliment from my parents for being able to save the family's dinner that night.
But here are questions to think about. Should a woman cook? If she doesn't cook, does that make her a bad woman? Apparently, many people get the wrong idea here. Even though I enjoy cooking, personally, I disagree of the so-called tradition. Cooking is a good habit of cou…

It's Called Being a Mom

(This is a blog I've posted on my friendster blog, April 30, 2010. I really love this post because it's exactly how I felt at the moment. So, enjoy guys.. :) )

When I was expecting my second child, I thought our life would be getting tougher... Financially, we definitely needed to construct new budgets: unnecessary trips and some items in the wish list had to be canceled out. Physically, as a working mother from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with bundles of housework await, I barely had time for myself to chill out. Mentally, knowing that I would suffer the same pain I'd encountered before had given me an emotional breakdown... almost everyday. One good point was that raising our eldest son (now is 3 years old) can be considered easy: an obeyer of a single instruction, never give any tantrum in any unexpected condition, and is in his own world when he's occupied with something. Though, there were some moments when I realized that he might not be ready to have a baby brother/s…